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Protecting customer privacy and privacy is the highest priority of the Global Insurance Corporation (GIC). As a provider of insurance products, we fully comply with the laws and regulations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on the protection and security of your privacy and information security.
At GIC, we collect information about you that can be used to provide products or services that we think will be of interest to you and to allow. Some information that you provide may be undeclared and only you know, this information we will collect during communication and transactions between you and us, or website of us, or information we collect from a third party, or information from other sources. All of these collection processes are legal.
The information we collect about you includes information you give us when you register to buy products or use services, on the internet, over the phone or through other means. This information may include: name, address, phone number, email, vehicle information, driver's license, marital status, spousal information, information about children, ...
The information we collect from you is only publicly available upon request from legal authorities or with your consent.
Các thông tin chúng tôi thu thập được từ Quý khách chỉ được công khai khi có yêu cầu từ các cơ quan pháp luật hoặc trong các trường hợp khác phải có sự đồng ý của Quý khách.